About Me

I am currently working as a psychological counselor & psychologist with adults as well as an organizational psychologist & trainer in corporate companies through online platforms. I have moved to the Netherlands in 2021, after living in Norway and Turkey.

The science of psychology has always taken a very special place in my life where I get inspired from different cultures, different experiences and different people.

I gained experience, with the opportunity to use my academic knowledge that I obtained through my two different graduate programs, in different organizations such as human resources, employee assistance programs and corporate training & consultancy centers.

If you need more information or have anything to ask, you can always contact me via; contact@sibelkaramaras.com

Professional Trainings

  • Center for Behavioral Studies & Therapies – Clinical Applications of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Training
  • Center for Behavioral Studies & Therapies – Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Group Supervision
  • Oxford University Mindfulness Center – Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training
  • The International Society of Schema Therapy – Schema Therapy International Certification Training

University Education

  • Bogazici University / Psychology Bachelor’s Degree
  • Istanbul Bilgi University / Organizational Psychology Master’s Degree
  • Istanbul Kent University / Clinical Psychology Master’s Degree

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapies” is a family of therapies that encompass various cognitive, behavioral and emotion-focused techniques. It focuses on the emotions, thoughts and behaviors that sustain the person’s problems.

It has been developed and tested based on scientific findings, is more solution-oriented than different therapy schools and thus provides benefits in a shorter time. In this direction, the psychologist and the client actively and collaboratively try to reach the therapy goals with different practices both inside and outside the session. Along with supporting the client to cope with current problems during therapy, it is also aimed to gain life-long skills.

What is the structure of the sessions?

Online sessions are held for 50 minutes. The first 1 or 2 sessions are especially important for the assesment, after that, due to the nature of CBT, the sessions proceed in a structured way with a solution-oriented approach.

Besides Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, I also combine multidisciplinary methods through my trainings on schema-therapy and mindfulness.

Are you not familiar or certain about psychological support?

I believe that the initial consultations are very important both for the client and the psychologist. In this sense, we can organize a free (up to 15 minutes) initial consultation so that we can both hear each other and exchange some basic information such as your therapy goals and my working method, and then you can decide whether you want to continue.

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